k NORBAG workshops

2018 Workshops

November: Rubber Stamping and Heat Embossing with Becky McAllister

October: Miniature Book and Leather Spine with Kathy Warren

September: Buttonhole Stitch Binding with Lara Cox

August: Keith Smith Binding Over Ribbon with Donna Gephart

July: Pivoting Panel Book with Dolores Guffey

June: Strap Journal with Michele Kamprath

May: Miniature Pop-ups with Edge Gerring

April: Carving Printing Blocks with Judy Rishel

March: Everyday Journal Workshop with Bobbie Hayes

February: Valentine Workshop with Lorraine Miller-Wolf

January: Cord, Ribbon, and Stick Closure with Dolores Guffey

2017 Workshops

December: Holiday Card Exchange

November: Herringbone Calendar with Dolores Guffey

October: Calligraphy Workshop with Kathy Warren

September: Word Books with Judy Rishel

August: X Stitch Binding with Kris Nevius

July: Cool Tools and Techniques II with Connie Stewart

June: Tacket Binding with Michele Kamprath

May: Shaving Cream Marbling with Lara Cox

april: Margaret's Pointy roof village book with Edge Gerring

March: Triangle-pierced Slip & slide accordion book with Edge Gerring

February: Valentine Making with Lorraine Miller-Wolf


Workshops Archive


working at a workshop

Our meetings on the second Saturday of each month usually feature a workshop. We have made books in boxes, miniature books, puzzle books, pop-up books and much more. We learn bookbinding techniques as well as ways to decorate, fold and work with paper and other book arts materials. Most of these are taught by our members, but we also have occasional guest classes with well-known book artists from outside of the area.

You don't need to have any prior experience in book art or making books to benefit from, and enjoy, our workshops. All you need is curiosity and a desire to learn and create.

Attending Your First Workshop?

The link to the next available workshop is shown on the left. Check to see if supplies or an RSVP are needed. You may attend two meetings (and/or) receive two newsletters before deciding to join.

The following tools comprise the basic book-making kit and should be brought to every meeting:

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