2015 Workshops

december:our annual card exchange

November: French Stitch Bound Journal with Michele Kamprath

October: Explore Zentangle with Judy Rishel

september: Double Needle Coptic Stitch with dolores guffey

august: surface design with Carolyn J., Terri T., & Vikki Y.

July: Christmas in July with Beth Mcilraith

June: Stacked Boxes in a Folded Sleeve with Four Miniature Books with Dolores guffey

May: cool tools and techniques with connie stewart

April: Paper Pockets Book with diane williams

March: The Humble Pamphlet Stitch with Bobbie Hayes

February: Valentine Workshop with Lorraine Miller-Wolf

January: Expandable Journal with Dolores Guffey


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2014 Workshops

December: our annual winter gathering

November: Decorated capitals workshop with judy Detrick

October: bat books with edge gerring

September: Bow Tie Structure with Beth McIlrith

august: Interlocking Structure with Michele Kamprath

July: Weave and Interlock with Bobbie Hayes

June: Gallery book with Dolores Guffey

May: Paper Embellishment taught by Randi Parkhurst

April: Newport Paper Arts Festival Recap

March: tunnel book with vicki van horn

February: Make one Valentine

January: Tricks, Tips, Tools, Techniques & Feet

2013 Workshops

December: Annual Holiday Card Exchange

October: Greeting Card Fun Day with Becky McAllister

Zentangles in a stacked circle book with Peggy Marrs

August: altered book—recycled journal with Connie rose

July: Illuminations withLinda Hirsch

June: interlocking pages with bobbie hayes

May: paste painting with ellen golla

April: triple chain stitch with connie rose

March: single coptic stich binding of compendium IV with dolores guffey

February: valentineswith lorraine miller-wolf

January: Book arts with jill berry

2012 Workshops

January: pop-up cards

February: Workshop with Becky Luening

March: Painted Paper with Acrylic Paint

April: Book Arts Sampler with Margaret Beech

May; When is an accordion not an accordion? with dolores Guffey

June: deconstructed screen printing with Cindy shaw

July: long stitch journal with michele Kamprath

August: board book with drop spine with ellen golla

September: Double Needle Coptic Binding with Dolores Guffey

October: making and covering boxes, the basics with sandy vrem

November: blizzard books with dolores guffey

December: Annual Holiday Card Exchange

2011 Workshops

January: Meander Books

February: Valentines

March: Stiff Leaf Binding

April: Triangle Book with Pop-ups

May: show & tell & play

June: Embossed Copper Covers

July: Exposed Spine Binding with Bow-Tie Stitch

August: Handmade Journals

September: Bits of this and that

October: Flat-style Australian Reversed Piano Hinge Journal

November: Carousel Calendar

2010 Workshops

January: Gelatin Printmaking

February: Stamps and Stencils

March: 1000 Books for Literacy

April: Margaret Beech

May: Paper Engineering

June: House of Cards

July: Pivoting Panels

August: Altered Images

More Past Workshops

Link to an Acrobat PDF file containing a list of themes from past exchanges.