2017 Exchange themes

January: Tag & Pockets


March: Favorite Artist

April:Unique Alphabets

May:project from the compendium or project pages

June:Signs & Symbols

July: National, State or Provincial Parks

August: Upcycle

September: Second Chance

October: Peek-a-Boo & Hiding Places

November: Paperless Book

December: Holiday Card Exchange

2016 Exchange themes

January: childhood Memories


March: Reduce, Recycle, Reuse and/or thrift store find

April:the natural world

May:project from the compendium

June:wearable book

July: Strictly Made of Envelope Innards and Stamps

August: Ancestry/Heritage

September: Second Chance

October: Celestial Bodies

November: Miniature Book

December: Holiday Card Exchange

2015 Exchange themes

January: Night & Day or Black & White

February: Make One Valentine

March: Shaped Book (to Match Subject)

April: Purple

May: Compendium or project page structure

June: Pop-ups

July: map book

August: Book that becomes a game

September: 2nd chance

October: Falling Leaves or fall color

November: Playing cards

December: Holiday Cards


Exchange Archive

Book Exchange

exchange booksEach month we have a book exchange, which is voluntary and based upon a pre-chosen theme. Those who wish to take part make a book of their own design and bring it to the meeting. There is a blind drawing and each participant receives another's book. Out-of-town members can participate by mail. Your book and colophon just needs to arrive before the exchange takes place on the second Saturday of the month.

workshop imageThe exchanges provide a deadline to meet and a subject to stimulate ideas. Some members never make a book, but everyone enjoys seeing the multitude of interpretations on a theme and hearing the artists describe their working processes. Often, one member's book will provide inspiration for another.

exchange books 3In December we have a holiday card exchange in place of the regular book exchange. Each participant who signs up in advance makes an edition of cards. However many take part is how many cards that need to be made. Everyone in the exchange receives a complete set of everyone's cards.